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Hunt down Hollywood’s history on a Saturday scavenge


Watson Adventures is offering a free scavenger hunt in Hollywood this Saturday. Though no more tickets are available, they regularly hold hunts throughout L.A. Photo courtesy of Watson Adventures.

When you’re an L.A. resident, Hollywood Boulevard is often just taken for face value as a hotspot for tourists mining for something more glamorous than its superficial sparkling sidewalks.

Watson Adventures is offering another twist to the Hollywood hunt for stardom…literally.  They’re hosting a “Hooray for Hollywood” scavenger hunt this Saturday, April 18 at 3 p.m.  Though there are currently no more tickets available at the moment for the free event (upon checking the website, there were no more tickets available at the moment, but those interested are advised to check back the night before on April 17), they do also offer other events that require admission.

Check out their going.com page and Facebook page for more information.

Anyone ever tried out their scavenger hunts, or set up your own urban exploration-themed hunts?  Feel free to share!