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Cast no ballots?

L.A. primary elections, March 3.

Literally 10 minutes ago, as I was leaving  St. Matthew’s Luthern Church after casting my ballot in L.A.’s primary elections, a grateful pollworker yelled, “thank you for voting!” as I hopped onto my bicycle.  I was the last voter of the night, he told me (polls close at 8 p.m., and in typical procrastinator fashion, I didn’t start researching the candidates until late afternoon).

It seemed like this election didn’t get enough publicity, he said; he and other volunteers at the North Hollywood church were expected 1,900 voters to walk through their doors.

Only 85 showed up.  That’s less than five percent of voters registered at that location.

Was it bad publicity, apathy, or voters who simply went to a different polling place?  How could Angelenos not find interest in the mayoral race in which one candidate goes by the nickname “Zuma Dogg” and another, Craig X. Rubin, is a 420-friendly pastor?