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Tips for an adventure at the Rose Bowl flea market


From shabby chic dressers to turn-of-the-century bric-a-brac, there's something for everyone at the Rose Bowl flea market.

Supposedly, it’s the beginning of the end of the recession, but that doesn’t mean shoppers need to revert back to their pre-downturn spending.  Rather than buying brand-new items, consumers are heading to flea markets to buy used furniture and other products, resulting in a 10- to 15 percent increase in foot traffic.

The crowds definitely showed up at the Rose Bowl flea market in Pasadena, and as a first-timer to the overwhelming shopping experience, this blogger could not believe her eyes at the endless rows of awesome mid century modern furniture, antique knick-knacks and random oddities.  Though regular adult admission is $8; we definitely got our money’s worth; among some of our finds included a vintage framed picture of Mont St. Michel for $15, a Danish modern chair for $35 and mid century dark wood magazine rack for $20.

To get an idea of the market’s massiveness, we arrived shortly after 11 a.m. and had barely finished browsing the antiques section by 2:30 p.m. as vendors started packing up their shops.  After strolling through one row of the other side of the market, which consisted mainly of vintage clothing, we called it a day and headed home with our new (old) wares.

For more photos, plus a few tips  if you decide to check it out for yourself (the next one is Sunday, September 13), are after the jump.

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The Trail To Echo Mountain

The front of Echo Mountain House, courtesy of the Los Angeles Public Library

The front of Echo Mountain House. Courtesy of the Los Angeles Public Library historical photo archives.

The remains of Echo Mountain House are seen from its former south side.

The remains of Echo Mountain House are seen from its former north side.

In memory of a friend and fellow adventurer, Dan Zembrosky, whose time to explore this earth was cut short too soon.

A little over one century and a decade ago, one could could take the Mount Lowe Railway up to Echo Mountain House and spend the night in the $65,000, 70-room Victorian Hotel for only $5 (or in today’s currency, the approximate cost of a burger at any given fast-food joint).

In 1900, exactly 109 years and three days ago, a kitchen fire destroyed the hotel, and in 1938, the scenic railway that took riders up to Echo Mountain was abandoned after floods destroyed the mountainside.

The foundations of the once-luxurious, turn-of-the-century hotel, its incline railway and other surrounding buildings can be seen at the top of a 2.7-mile uphill hike on the Sam Merrill Trail in Altadena.  The trail starts at the Cobb Estate where Lake Avenue ends at the mountain.  The estate, built by  lumber tycoon Charles H. Cobb, is also the site of trails leading to former mining sites (another subject for a future post!).  Round-trip, the hike is about 5.4 miles and takes about 2 & 1/2 to 3 hours, plus time to explore the top.

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