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At the west edge of Brentwood hides a Nazi past

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Murphy Ranch, located off the Rustic Canyon Trail, was a Nazi commune in the making until the man behind it all was arrested during WWII by the FBI.

Summertime at Camp Josepho in Topanga State Park might be filled with Boy Scouts honing their BB-gun-slinging skills, fine-tuning their eye for archery or earning an equestrian merit badge.  But less than a mile south of the youth camp lies a more sinister history.

Murphy Ranch, just off the Rustic Canyon Trail at the west edge of Brentwood, was supposed to be a safe haven for Nazis and the future of the Fourth Reich.  But its founders’ plans went sour after it turned out Nazi Germany was not going to bring about the New World Order in the United States and would eventually be defeated by the Allied powers of WWII.

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