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CSUN’s pedestrian safety examined

An intersection near CSUN. Courtesy of the Daily Sundial. Photo Credit: Jonathan Pobre / Executive Editor

While still a journalism student not too long ago, one of this blogger’s last projects included an investigative story about the lack of pedestrian safety near Cal State University, Northridge.  Recent hit-and-run accidents — including that of Chinese exchange student, Yao Lu, who was seriously injured and in a coma for eight days after being hit by a car as she crossed a painted crosswalk — spurred the investigation, which was printed in CSUN’s Daily Sundial (Full disclosure: I’m a former EIC!) as a four-part series earlier this October & November.

For those interested, the article can be found here:

Part 1, posted Oct. 12: Student journalists investigate traffic accidents and injuries on and around CSUN campus

Part 2, posted Oct. 19: Intersections near campus dangerous, community says

Part 3, posted Nov. 8: Examining busy CSUN-area intersections

Part 4, posted Nov. 14: Drivers, pedestrians on both sides of safety coin

After working on this story, I noticed one particular accident-prone intersection in my North Hollywood neighborhood.  Those familiar with the madness that is the Lankershim/Vineland/Riverside intersection often feel pity to L.A. newcomers confused with any left-turn making within that triple-threat spot:

Just south of that intersection is one of our favorite local Italian restaurants, Little Toni’s — which is impossible to get to legally by foot or bicycle.  Anyone have similar not-so-pedestrian-friendly spots in their neighborhoods?