About the site & author

The idea for this blog began in a magazine journalism class in which students maintained a communal blog, wrote feature stories and designed/published their work in Scene Magazine.  One student (this blog’s author) was curious about the hidden gems in the city in which she lived, and the fact that there are always new hidden corners in L.A. with that great hole-in-the-wall eatery, mysterious abandoned buildings with stories to tell or an inhabitant that’s lived through it all.  At the encouragement of her professor and peers, she decided to continue her attempts to document that city and home to millions and start her own blog.

The author earned a bachelor’s degree in journalism and anthropology collateral at California State University, Northridge.  She was born and raised in Los Angeles and currently lives in the NoHo Arts District with her husband, cat and dog.

Her past work includes reporting, then serving as city editor and subsequently editor in chief at her university newspaper, the Daily Sundial.  She has also previously written for Socal.com, where she covered concerts, theatre, film festivals and other events, but decided on a less paparazzi-frenzied environment.  By day, she’s a copywriter at a toy company; she’s also currently a contributor to LAist and a Generation Y Examiner.

Photos are taken with a Sony Alpha A100K DSLR and Olympus Stylus 830; all photos are copyrighted by the author unless otherwise noted.

The banner image is a photo taken by the blog author of Nancy Rubins’ sculpture outside of the Museum of Contemporary Art, titled “Chas’ Stainless Steel, Mark Thompson’s Airplane Parts, About 1000 Pounds of Stainless Steel Wire and Gagosian’s Beverly Hills Space”.

Questions, comments and writing inquiries can be sent to editor @ thenativelatourist.com (delete spaces).

4 responses to “About the site & author

  1. I think you are an excellent writer and would love to visit all of these exciting places.

  2. Thomas, I think you’re biased, but you’re also right.

  3. I agree with Thomas.

  4. I agree with Alyssa

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