On Examiner.com: Halloween shopping ideas at Burbank’s Magnolia Boulevard

It seems every July, I come up with an idea for the perfect Halloween costume. I swear to myself that I’ll get a head-start on hand-picking all the pieces so come Oct. 1, I’ll be armed and ready for those “a-ha” party conversation moments 30 days later.  Unfailingly, I procrastinate, and as seen in the previous years during the week of All Hallow’s Eve I end up desperately rummaging through the clearance section of costume shops looking for anything that sorta kinda resembles a Little Orphan Annie wig, or a straw hat for a Chiquita banana lady outfit that isn’t three times larger than the size of my head, or a blue size extra-large child’s dress to help me transform into that petite fille française, Madeline.

However, there’s always a place I go after leaving Target’s Halloween section empty-handed: Burbank’s Magnolia Boulevard, where a handful of antique furniture and used & vintage clothing stores line the street.  It seems every year, I’ve found the last piece of the puzzle to my costume at one of Magnolia’s many shops.  To read more about the best places to check out last-minute stops for costume ideas, check out my article at Examiner.com.

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