Linda Vista Hospital featured in VH1’s “Charm School”


Screenshot courtesy of VH1.

After a noticeable spike in traffic (1,000 visitors is huge for me!), I started wondering what all the fuss was about.  Well, I was flipping channels the other day and got my answer.  VH1’s “Charm School with Ricki Lake”, which features dumped contestants from the network’s past two reality dating shows, sent its “students” to the abandoned Linda Heights Hospital.  The so-called haunted hotspot is actually Linda Vista Community Hospital, which was visited and previously written about on this blog.  (I am by no means whatsoever a fan of the show, but if you’re curious, check it out here, courtesy of an anonymous commenter’s link on that post).

Though no ghosts come out to play on the VH1 episode, others who’ve checked out the hospital have had their own odd experiences.  The Los Angeles Paranormal Association recorded strange humming noises during one of their visits.  In a past interview on this blog, the hospital’s manager said he believes oftentimes the old building’s natural noises are “misinterpreted.”  In any case, listen to LAPA’s recording and decide for yourself.

Regardless of whether the location is the home to the dead or living (remnants of the homeless can be seen here and there), the hospital continues to garner attention from urban explorers, paranormal investigators and curious Angelenos alike.


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