Boyle Heights’ Linda Vista Community Hospital

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Linda Vista Community Hospital, Boyle Heights

We couldn't get inside of the hospital, but I took this photo of the building's front. Another visit will happen soon!

Update: Check out the second post on the hospital, which includes an interview with the location’s manager and photos from the inside.

According to the Center for Land Use Interpretation, the Linda Vista Community Hospital, formerly known as Santa Fe Coast Hospital, was built in 1937 and used to treat Santa Fe Railroad employees.  After closing in 1991, the hospital was named as a historical building in 2006 by the U.S. in their National Register of Historic Places (NRHC) and is now only used as a filming location (its website is

There have been claims that the hospital is haunted by its past doctors and patients; unfortunately, the doors were locked and we could not get inside to investigate.  There were a couple trucks of firefighters training on the east side of the building, and after asking the groundsmen about the location, we were told we could come back the next day after the firefighters were done training – not too sure what that meant, but in any case, another trip is due soon for interviews.  See under the cut for more photos  taken at the site.

Linda Vista Community Hospital, Boyle Heights

Linda Vista Community Hospital, Boyle Heights

I was able to stick my camera through the iron bars.  I’m sure the paint is new from a filming crew.

Linda Vista Community Hospital, Boyle Heights

Another camera-through-the-bars shot. I was trying not to freak myself out by expecting a creepy hand grabbing me through the bars.

Linda Vista Community Hospital, Boyle Heights

Linda Vista Community Hospital, Boyle Heights

Linda Vista Community Hospital, Boyle Heights

17 responses to “Boyle Heights’ Linda Vista Community Hospital

  1. We could get in there.

  2. The hospital is not haunted!

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  4. Ashley Gonzalez

    How did you get in there? I’ve lived just a few blocks from Linda Vista my entire life, and have tried on numerous occasions to get photos or have a look around, but there have always been guards.

  5. For the show “Charm school” how did they get to go in the hospital after it was abbandined ?
    Also when they wentin to the morgue was that real bodies?

  6. Emma, you’re not very bright, are you?

  7. well last nigth me and my mom and dad were stareing at the window then all of the sudden we saw a glowing green and a shandow,its was pretty damn werid

  8. Was the pilot of er filmed there.

  9. I hadn’t thought about the hospital in many years, but for some reason I looked it up today. I worked there on night shift from May ’78-Aug. ’82. It was old & creepy then. There were large areas that weren’t used and I was told was “off limits.” Occasionally, when it was slow and we were bored, one of the security guards would take me on a tour of some of the older, unused parts. It was like something out of a 1940’s movie- body parts in jars, lots of dust and secret compartments. I only went with the one guard, I wouldn’t think of going by myself and I never told anyone until today. It would make a great set if someone wanted to redo a Boris Karloff (sic) movie or even a Harry Potter in America.

  10. Efrain Davalos

    Hi my name is Efrain and i like the history of the hospital i was wandering if i could do a paper about it with pic and vdo to prove if is hunted or not please contact me. or e mail

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  12. As much as I love the Land Use they have imparted incorrect information. The land was purchased in 1900, (four acres of it) and the hospital itself opened in December of 1904. It ceased operation in 1991. It is not abandoned – there is full time staff and security which serves as a rental location for filming .

  13. Hi Sarah, thanks for visiting! Feel free to check out the newer version of my blog at; you can find more on the hospital there (, including an interview with the location’s manager. He shared some really interesting stories!

  14. I do not understand why did the hospital close down anyway?
    too many hauntings what?

  15. This place is very haunted!!! You’ll see this October 2012….